Architectural Design Services

Does your home need our help?

ADC provide architectural design services - which means that we:

  • Carry out surveys
  • Assist with Planning Applications
  • Guide you through Building Regulations
  • Prepare architectural drawings
  • Design homes with a focus on aesthetics, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

What you get from ADC

We pride ourselves on the clarity of our drawings and problem-solving architectural design. Lack of space, misuse or under-use of space - these are the problems that we fix. Our design work combines strong aesthetic values with a deep understanding of the skin-and-bones construction of buildings.

After an on-site consultation, we carry out a measured survey and prepare before and after drawings.

Still have questions Read our Frequently Asked Questions or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Read more about our services by following the links on the right, or by scrolling down.

Planning Permission

A Complex Process, Simplified

Planning home improvements? Trying to weave through the bureaucratic jungle of Planning Permission?
ADC can help. We have well-established relationships with local councils (Brighton, Worthing, Eastbourne ) and have processed hundreds of planning applications. We understand the system and can help you understand it too.



Extend Your Property's Potential

Does your house feel cramped - or does it feel like the space is wasted, or misused? Your garden or garage could be key to changing the way you feel about your home, and the way your family fits and lives within the space.


Remedial Building Work

Does your home need help?

Have you suffered at the hands of bungling builders? Or have time and nature taken their toll?
ADC design repair work to treat:

  • Leaks
  • Damp
  • Cracks
  • Draughts
  • Poor quality or dangerous construction

Home Refurbishment

Modernise for a Happier Home

There are many ways to improve your home. With a few well-planned adjustments you can achieve a very different 'feel' to your rooms. We're experts at:

  • Creating open-plan areas
  • Using and enhancing natural light
  • Improving glazing shape and size
  • Modernising rooms and fittings

Architectural Interior Design

Designing Spaces for Better Living

ADC design spaces rather than interiors. This means that while we don't do interior design, we do arrange interior spaces with furniture and fittings in mind. We take your spaces and redesign them according to how you want to use them. We look at human flows through rooms and make efficient use of lighting, electrical layouts and daylight.

Permitted Development

Is Your Development Permitted?

Permitted Development is part of building and construction legislation in the UK. Permitted Development allows for some improvements to your house - including extensions, conservatory, loft and garage conversions - to be carried out without the need for planning permission.


Loft Conversions

Explore the Room in Your Roof

Is your loft an oasis of calm and space, just waiting to be explored? If you want to know if your loft can be converted to a room in the roof, contact us. We have lots of experience of:

  • Loft conversions (or 'rooms in the roof')
  • Gable and Mansard roof shapes
  • Dormer and Velux windows
  • Energy efficient development

Building Regulations

Designed for Success

Okay, so we've worked through whether your development is Permitted Development or one requiring Planning Permission, but how is it going to be built?

1:50 scale Building Regulation drawings are required for the construction of:


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